Rockin Chefs Release New Album 'Rock Menu'

Rockin Chefs has released a new album entitled Rock Menu. Rockin Chefs is an exciting music project by German and French chefs. They’ve worked together since 2011 on different festivals and tours as artist chefs on the Rock music scene.

In this album, we uncover a food menu as the name suggest. All the titles of the tracks are of food and drink as the title Rockin Chefs suggest. We are given a series of sustenance, from the appetisers, to the main course, to dessert and coffee. Rockin Chefs have demonstrated a skill to be creative and in doing so, have added to their idiosyncratic discography.

To get a real taste for this album, you need to listen to it for yourself to indulge in the riffs and heavy bass. But I am man who gives props to the chef when the main course suffices my needs. This is no exception.

The track Main Course, opens with a digestible riff melody which is sustained throughout the entirety of the track. The plucks and drums accompany this rhythm, while the crisp vocals direct a narrative for us the consumer, to indulge in and explore. This is an exceptional and dynamic track. A track that presents unique qualities and captures the listener in his/her entirety.

The track directly proceeding main course is Dessert, and accompanies the track in a seamless form. The vocals continue the saga with a similar crisp style, while the guitar, drums and bass play a critical role in polishing this flavoursome track.

This is a highly recommended album, you can listen here: