Interview with SVCCHARINE

1) When did you realize that you had a passion for music?

When I was 11, I saw the movie, “School of Rock” and begged my parents to put me in group lessons at the Eagle Rock Arts Center. When I started writing songs at 14, it helped me convey emotions that I couldn’t verbalize directly. I’ve always been a very private person, but I thoroughly enjoy writing candidly in an effort to relate to others and reflect. I love that I can take a snapshot of a time in my life, immortalize my emotions through writing a song, and then commemorate them when I listen to the finished product.

2) Who are your main inspirations as an artist?

I started a band in high school after finding Meg & Dia. I love female fronted bands, and my main inspirations now are King Princess and St. Vincent. When a girl can shred on a guitar and hits a sweet spot between feminine and badass, I basically turn into putty. Other influences include Daniel Caesar, The Weeknd, Tom Misch, and Healy.

3) What would you like to achieve as an artist?

I want to give others the same feeling I get when I hear a good song, and I want to feel connected to a very broad community of people who understand where I’m writing from. Sometimes, I relate so closely to another artist’s music that I feel as though I wrote it myself. I’m like, “...who stole my journal and exposed me like this?!” I’m currently an independent artist, but would love to eventually be signed to a label that will allow me my creative freedom and support my art instead of changing it for marketing purposes.

4) What is your most memorable moment while being an artist?

Having someone in the crowd singing my lyrics back to me will always be one of the most touching moments of any performance I’ll ever give. It means so much to me when I can physically see that someone has identified with what I’ve written, and it connects us in such a precious way.

5) Tell us a little more about your recent project?

I released my first music video this year to my single, Regenesis 1:1 with an all-female team called Worldwide Femme. It my first time ever being on a set. I’m extremely camera shy, though I try my best to not let that show. It’s heavily sacrilegious, and so personal to me because it was shot in the same church that my great grandfather founded. I went to an all girls Catholic school, and even used the uniform for one of the scenes. That was also my first time “acting,” though the breakup scene felt so close to home that I actually cried. There were no lines to memorize and no script to refer to. Emotions in a music video have to be shown and not spoken, so the actor who played my boyfriend and I looked at each other until we brought up afflictions from our pasts, and projected genuine hurt. It was brutal, but in a masochistic way, it was also truly cathartic for me to relive that.

6) What should we be looking forward to from you in the future?

My songwriting is inspired by a broad range of genres, but I have a lot more R&B tracks coming up. I write on my guitar, and bring my Garageband demos to a producer to help me shape them into what I envision. I’m also working on more fashion collaborations, and love experimenting with that because I’m kind of a tomboy and have always been a t-shirt and jeans girl.

Listen to SVCCHARINE - Regenesis 1:1 here: