Poingly Releases New Single "As Nice As, As Cute As"

Poingly has released a new single entitled "As Nice As, As Cute As".

This is a playful composition that uses an array of percussion and chimes to develop a dynamic and engaging tune. The arrangement of instrumentation keeps the track alive and adds a bundle of personality to the overall project. The vocals are calm and largely reverberated. This suits the instrumental well and adds to the narrative and themes portrayed. This is a highly recommended composition and you can listen here:


In pursuit of immortality, Poingly has embraced AI for the upcoming album, Make Yourself into a Machine. Like all songs on the album, the music and lyrics of the album's lead single "As Nice As, As Cute As" were written using deep learning technology. While Poingly still had a human hand in performance duties this time around, the ultimate goal is to eventually rid music of all its inferior, festering human elements. As a result, mastering of the song and styling of the video were also both rendered using AI technology as well.