Daniel Fallon Releases New Track 'Death of an Anthem'

Daniel Fallon has released a new track entitled 'Death of an Anthem'.

This is quite a bizarre and unique rhapsody that keeps the listener captivated to the final seconds. The vocals are iconic and distinctive. They remain at the focus of this composition from beginning to end. The start of the track consists of the guitar, drums, bass and vocals. There is a break towards the middle of the composition though, where only heavenly synths and the grunge-like vocals can be heard. This composition is truly an experience. I highly recommend this track and you can listen here:

British songwriter and musician Daniel Fallon hails from the historic city of Newcastle in the north of England.

His powerful new single, “Death of an Anthem,” is the first song from his new album, 'The Beginning', to get noticed on blogs and playlists across the web.

Describing his new single, Fallon says the song “represents a nostalgia for anthemic songs and a youth-centered on musical togetherness,” adding that the track “has its dark and light element, with an almost religious experience towards the end.”

The album is first of what Fallon plans to be a trilogy of albums that he has been working on for years.