Dejhare Releases New Album 'Unbreakable'

Dejhare has released a new 12 track album entitled Unbreakable.

The opening track, 'Trust My Love' has a seductive and romantic emotion attached to it. The vocals are alluring and complement the very proactive and dynamic composition.

'Be Mine' seems to maintain this seductive theme, opening the track with whisper-like vocals. The combination of shakers and brass instruments add vibrancy and personality to this track. This is a unique composition that experiments with sounds to generate a unique experience.

'Alone Long Enough' is a testament to this artist's discography. The production level is at a high. The use of chimes and the overall subtly created in the instrumental is simply-put, beautiful. The vocals are well executed and complete this composition perfectly.

'Without you' is another unique and captivating composition. The quality of the instrumental is nothing short of perfect. The common theme running in this album is the subtly of the instrumental and its use of various elements. At the focus of all compositions are the gracious vocals executed by Dejhare. This track is proof to that, where the vocals play more of an active role, but the instrumental is alive and in tune with the experience created.

'Don't Let Us Lose' has a chilling melody you find yourself immediately drawn to. Dejhare controls the emotion and feeling experienced in this composition. The build-up of drums, the mild synths, all contributes and accompany the vocals. When I heard this composition for the first time, I just thought to myself - Wow! I am beyond impressed with what Dejhare has to offer, and this track alone is a true testament and a credit to her discography.

'New Love' fits the theme of the album. It follows a similar structure to previous songs, yet, it still creates a unique and totally new experience. All tracks on this album are distinctive and this one, in particular, strikes me as moving. This is an emotion-filled composition, sure to bring a tear to the fully invested listener.

The album finishes on a really strong note, the self-titled 'Unbreakable'. This is a slow and moving compostion. Emotion is properly and carefully conveyed. The strings help accompany what is at the centre of this album, the vocals. The vocals play a crucial role in creating a narrative and concluding the narrative in this composition. This is a truly beautiful piece, and Dejhare concluded this album appropriately.

I am beyond proud of this artist, and what has been accomplished in this moving and captivating album. I have been anticipating this album for a few weeks now - and It did not fall short of my expectations. I don't say this lightly - but this album is perfect.

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