Swilly Set To Release New Album

The half Canadian half American rock band - Swilly, is set to release their new album 'Size Matters' next week. The album includes third hard-hitting rock tracks to add to their extensive catalog of music.

The opening track of this highly anticipated album is entitled I Love You. The track has already been released as a single in preparation for the album and can be viewed on Youtube. The vocals are at the centre of the hard hitting drums and sometimes intense riff. The theme created is distinctive and keeps the listener engaged til the very end.

The following track 'You can't take it back' has an eeire and hallow beginning. This track quickly develops into an instant classic however. The vocals lead the narrative and the somewhat down tempo riff and drum pattern creates a unique listening experience. All instruments quickly pick up the tempo in the chorus of the composition.

'Snag Lightning' is a memorable song and one of my favourites on the album. As soon as you hear the introduction to this instant classic - you are immediately hooked in and you can't take it back. This track has everything working in favour of the band. The guitar is electrifying and the vocals are at the core of this piece. The drums develop an energetic and body-moving composition.

'This is Home' is another favourite of mine off this album. Words don't do justice in describing this song. The listening experience was surreal. The organisation and emotion conveyed in this hard-hitting track is unique and is sure to leave a positive impact on the listener.

'My Bitch' is a harsh and hard hitting track that disregards emotion and goes all out. This almost sounds like a diss track but is executed well - perhaps written following a heartbreak. This track has a lot of energy and the anger can be felt in the vocals and riff. I recall the Guns and Roses song 'Get In The Ring' - I feel similar vibes from this track.

'I am Rain' has a very distinctive and vibrant beginning. The vocals sound grunge like and add to the effect that is trying to be achieved. This track is a true testament to what rock is. Not focused on the sound - rather the energy and rigid groove created, and the vocals to accompany the instrumental and spark a narrative.

'The Dirty Boys' is the second last composition on the album. You are instantly drawn in by the elongated intro which focuses on the guitar. The guitar plays a crucial role in this track and leads the composition. The vocals sound grunge-like and add to the raw-rock sound.

The final track off the album 'Stomping Around' is something special. This band is one of the better bands when it comes to creating a raw and authentic intro. This sounds like it belongs on the radio. The track is digestible and reaches a large audience. The rock anthem is engaging til the very end and delivers a captivating experience.

This is a highly recommended album - out next week.