Plastic Barricades Release New Single 'One For The Road'

Band Plastic Barricades has released a new single entitled One For The Road.

This is an ambitious track that has a versatile and experimental nature. The alternative rock track begins slow but gradually develops into an energetic and engaging composition. The drums maintain a steady rhythm, while the riff directs a memorable melody. The vocals adapt to the various changes in the instrumental perfectly. In fact, the vocals fit perfectly with the themes and ideas conveyed. This track has been perfectly crafted by musicians who genuinely care and are one with their music. In doing so - the audience and artist create a mighty bond, where the music expresses volumes to the listener and connects to them in indescribable forms.

Imagine this:

Open window, open road, open heart… The air smells new and fresh, wind playing in your hair. You can feel the tempo of the modern world slowing down and the skies smiling at you. Your friends are with you in the van. You don’t run away from your daily routine, you just learn to absorb and recharge, to appreciate the world around you and to be present in the moment, letting go of fears and worries, even just for a day or two. Let’s spend our lives on stories! Money disappears all too easily, but stories last millennia.

This is a highly recommended track and you can listen here: