Musica Monica Feaster Releases New Single 'Never Give Up Hope'

Singer/Songwriter Musica Monica Feaster, has released a new single entitled Never Give Up Hope.

Ms. Feaster is a multi-talented Producer/Artist who has delivered a powerful World beat/Dance mix of her song. She has written it in support of the high suicide rates worldwide. Every 40 seconds someone commits suicide and Ms. Feaster has offered her newest composition to promote the fact that there is always hope.

The single's catchy rhythm and well composed instrumental is memorable and destined to leave an impact on the listener for the better. The lyrics and themes are overwhelmingly positive, in hope to prevent suicide and raise awareness for the matter. The vocals are glorious and highlight the artist's skill and talent. This composition is a testament to Musica Monica Feaster's discography. This is a highly recommended track with a strong and important message.