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January 6, 2020

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Mesa Jane feat. Kuf Knotz Release New Single 'We Are One'

October 8, 2019

Mesa Jane has released a new track featuring Kuf Knotz entitled 'We Are One'.

This track is simply beautiful. It begins with only soft keys and the soulful voice Mesa Jane. The lyricism is sincere and moving. The track then evolves, introducing synths and a drumbeat in the break. The drum loop then sustains and carries onto the second verse, dropping the synths and vocal chops until the second break. Following the second break, Kuf Knotz delivers a flawless rap. His vocals are passionate and the flow is impeccable. The vocals are crisp and well mixed, adding to the experience and overall quality of the composition. The track has an experimental nature, dabbling in with multiple genres, and this pays off as the end product is transcendent. This is a highly recommended track and you can listen here:


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