West of Corey Releases New Track 'Misty Mound' From The Release Slammed

West Of Corey has released a new track entitled 'Misty Mound' apart of their new release 'Slammed'.

This is an exciting track I have been personally anticipating. This composition is of the rock genre and is not afraid to make a statement. The riff from the guitar is powerful and intense, creating a rhythm to lead the track. The drums sustain an upbeat momentum for the entirety of the track, with the pattern alternating every now and again to keep the sound refreshed. The vocals - where do I begin. You can hear the passion in the lyricism and the execution of this instant classic. The lead singer of West of Corey has some serious talent he isn't afraid to show off. I am beyond impressed with what this band has delivered in 'Misty Mound' alone. I am looking forward to completing the album.