Latitude28 Band Releases New Singe 'Magic'

Latitude28 Band Releases a new single entitled 'Magic'.

This track sets the standard of music in this new era. As we approach 2020 and a new decade, we are starting to see artists fuse genres. Latitude28 skilfully and appropriately fuses multiple genres such as pop, rock, and hip hop to country, alternative, and dance. As the title suggests, such fusion seems like ... magic. The ability to be able to compose such a catchy and vibrant song is difficult, but Latitude28 Band makes it look easy in their new composition. The drum pattern is dynamic and adds diversity to the feel of the song. The melody is bouncy and the various vocals add the flavour and versatility. This track is a personal favorite of mine and I am looking forward to what else Latitude28 Band has to offer in the near future.

Listen Here: