IceTre Interview; Talks Upbringing, Vinny Cha$e, Universal Music Group + more

IceTre is a rising artist in the industry who has been grinding for years now, with the hard work finally paying off. He recently released his new album “28” and we had the pleasure to recently talk with him for an exclusive interview.

He spoke on his upbringing, linking with Vinny Cha$e, as well as publishing through Universal Music Group and much more. Check out the full Q+A below. Q: Tell those who don’t know, who is IceTre? IceTre: “An artist, a producer, an engineer, a videographer, and much more. I started making music in 2004 during a time when a music scene in my city, especially hip-hop, didn’t exist. One word to describe me is “dedicated” because I’ve always wanted better for myself and my family. All of my music and beats would be recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by me in my own studio. I would be the person everybody would go to for their music. It didn’t matter, videos or recording, I dealt with a lot of people when it came to music. I’m responsible for 75% of the artists in my state’s careers. I’ve always maintained being humble”. Q: How was your upbringing? IceTre: “It was colorful. In the late 90’s, things were different. The world was different. When I was young, listening to music brought new life. As I grew older I decided to make music on a serious level. Everyone around me was into sports like football and basketball but I wasn’t really focused on taking it seriously because I was already too deep into the music. Once my music started to pick up I was seen as an inspiration for many upcoming artists in my home town, even existing ones as well. A lot couldn’t be done but I was able to make it happen”. Q: How did you link up with Vinny Cha$e? IceTre: “I reached out to him about the collaboration. When he replied back, we exchanged numbers and I sent him the song with an open verse. He said that he was really feeling it and that he was going to be recording his verse. Not too long after we dropped “Trophy”. It also features a guest verse from Miscellaneous, another rapper from Blazington Music Group. I’ve been a Vinny Cha$e fan since he dropped “The Plaza” and his mixtape with Soulja Boy so the collaboration we did was one of the highlights of my career”.

Q: We heard you are with Universal Music Group as an artist and songwriter under their publishing. Is that true?

IceTre: “Yes that is true. After they read over everything, my people gave it the clearance and advised me to sign a contract that registered me as an official songwriter. Afterwards, I was informed that future releases now have the option of including “Universal Music Publishing Group” as the Publisher. As it stands, I am a songwriter/artist under Blazington Music Group, EMPIRE, and Universal Music Publishing Group”.

Q: That’s amazing! Congratulations! Last question. What can fans expect from you in the coming months? IceTre: “My fans can expect more music. Definitely more music; That’s a fact. My new album has been getting real good feedback. The song with Vinny Cha$e and my single, “Whoa” are already doing numbers on Spotify. Be on the lookout because right now you can expect much more music videos and lots more collaborations in the future”.