Spifflorde Confirms He Is Working On 'Velvet Dreamz'

It is no surprise that the 'What I Tell Y'all' rapper Spifflorde, is working on more music. This artist shows focus and determination in his work, and has confirmed to Fresh Out Of The Booth that he is now working on his LP 'Velvet Dreamz'.

The rapper is known for his 2019 single 'What I Tell Y'all'. The single has versatile 808s, a playful melody, multiple voice fx used as adlibs (VOX), and a legendary and distinctive flow. The lyricism is authentic and flows like magic. "What I Tell Y'all' is a testament to Spifflorde's discography and talent.

And soon enough, we will have more to enjoy by this very talented and focused rapper. He has confirmed that he is in the workings to release his first LP 'Velvet Dreamz'.

The native Philadelphian, “Spifflorde”. Seeks to astound and take his audience through a boom bastic experience. Not limited to any genre, Spifflorde experiments with funk and soul elements combined with crisp 808s and snares, as well as live drums to create sonic masterpieces. He is half of the band “A Couple Mondays”, which was created with his long time friend James. When they create together expect the unexpected! The soulful blend of instrumentation and hip hop, with mellow synth keys and Rhodes that will surely have you pressing repeat!

Spiff, who gained the name due to his refined dress style. Other wise known as “Mr. one hundred and twenty tracks” in rap circles. Is constantly working to create the best sounds for his listeners. Influenced by greats such as “James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Pharrell, Tupac, Blue Oyster Cult” and many more.

I encourage you to listen out for this LP, Fresh out of the Booth will have updates on Twitter.

Listen to What I Tell Y'all here: