Adam Exler and J Holla Release New Single 'Language Of Love'

Adam Exler and J Holla have released a new single entitled 'Language Of Love'

Adam Exler is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Los Angeles. His "can't get that song out of my head" universal sound is full of catchy melodies, strong hooks, rhythm, passion and positive messages. His current project is being produced by Grammy winner and multi platinum mixer Bob Horn. Language of Love is the first single from his new 11 song project. It is a sultry and sexy track with a touch of Spanish rock flair mixed in with contemporary stylings and a fun and catchy Rap bridge featuring J Holla.

The single has a fashionably uptune and catchy beat that appeals to a wide audience. The guitar riff adds a distincitve and catchy melody, and is sustained by the playful and upbeat drums. The vocals on this track are legendary. They complement all parts of the instrumental and assist in creating the narrative and themes for the listener to follow. Props to J Holla for his flawless rap verse. Every lyric can be articulated perfectly, creating a great listening experience. This track is something special, and I invite you to listen to it here:

Adam Exler's project honors his late stepfather who passed away after a nearly 5 year long battle with pancreatic cancer.