4 Minutes Later has released their self-titled debut album. The EP consists of 5 track and features their fresh new single 'My Way', and their powerful track 'Troubled'.

Their track 'My Way' is an inspirational and empowering track. This is conveyed through the marching like drum pattern, electric riffs, and the large vocals that surrounds you. This track quickly builds up and motivates the listener in a way I've never seen or felt before. This track is something special, and you need to hear it, to feel it. Words can not describe how flawlessly 4 Minutes Later have composed such an empowering and motivating track.

The track 'Bad Love' ft. Laur Elle can also be found on this EP. The track has a beautiful, reminiscent like atmosphere to it. The bass sounds perfectly in tune with the distinctive, electronic inspired melody. The vocals sound elegant, while the drums create an uplifting rhythm.

The track is accompanied with a visually appealing music video. The faded and neutrally coloured music video follows a couple, the peak of their relationship and the complications which lead to the end of the relationship, filled with regret. When the couple fights, the music takes a pause. The symbolism of the actions in the music video is significant in accompanying the themes and meaning of the track.


4 Minutes Later is ready to share a positive impact on the world, and have done so in their new self titled EP. This is a highly recommended EP.

Listen to 4 Minutes Later Here