Dexperia Releases New Album 'Forged Memories'

Dexperia has released a new four-track album entitled 'Forged Memories'.

This album opens up with the triumphant intro track, 'Remember'. This is a positive and electric tune, which features elegant female vocals, and a fast-paced drum and bass sequence.

A track that stands out to me, yet juxtaposes the opening track is 'Be You'. This track has a darker and more intense nature than its predecessors. The fast drum and bass pattern remains, but the drop is dark, heavy and rapid. This is a track I've added to my personal playlist.

The album finishes with 'Closer'. A more down-tempo track in the beginning, but is quick to evolve into a fast-paced and action-packed track.

This is a highly recommended album and we can't wait to hear more from Dexperia.

Listen here: