Alpha Cat Releases A New Album 'Thatched Roof Glass House'

Alpha Cat has released a new album entitled 'Thatched Roof Glass House'.

Elizabeth McCullough, professionally known in the music industry as Alpha Cat, is a woman of many talents. Photographer, composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and performer are merely a few of her many gifted skills. Her new album, Thatched Roof Glass House, was released on August 21st and has already made its debut on the NACC Charts national Top 30 airplay charts. It is her first Alpha Cat release in more than a decade.

One of the more popular tracks on the new album is the track 'Mockingbird'. The track develops and sustains a beautiful indie/alternative rock rhythm, while Alpha Cat's blissful vocals accompany and complement the instrumental. The lyrics are rich in meaning and are executed with extinction. There is no question to this artist's success after hearing the quality she is putting out for the world to hear.

Listen here: