Bflame Releases New Album 'Flamed Up'

Rapper Bflame has released a new album entitled 'Flamed Up'.

The first single off of this highly anticipated album is 'Flame Up'. The track has a dynamic instrumental with some harsh pads accompanied by a upbeat trap pattern and a few chimes. Central to this track however is Bflame's lyricism and flow. Bflame is described as many as a lyrical genius, and this is evident through his word choice and distinctive flow in his track 'Flame Up'.

He gives this style of music the title- VOCAL FLUIDITY. Which is like a lyrical musical vocal orchestra of blended melodies and Harmonies over tremendous pounding beats production masterpieces. BFLAME is Very meticulous and methodical in the approach to making smash Hits,( reminiscent of Michael Jackson's questing non stop perfection ) he also always acquires perfection.

Listen here: