RAMSEY releases The Art of Survival

The enigmatic 23-year-old, Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer — follows up her internationally acclaimed, self-titled EP with a new nine-song album.

Ramsey’s music is used in film and television and most recently “Love Surrounds You” from her 2017 self-titled EP was recently featured in the HBO series “Euphoria.” As a break from distilling over one hundred songs she had written into the nine featured on “The Art of Survival,” Ramsey put her spin on two of her favourite songs, The Cure’s “Cold,” released Christmas 2018, and “Slave” released for Valentine’s Day this year.

A single track that truly stands out from this album is the track 'DarkSide'. The use of hi-hats and percs is intriguing, creating an unconventional and metal-like track. The track is heavily reliant on metals and industrial sounds to accompany the dark theme. The vulnerable yet elegant vocals by Ramsey are central to this track, linking the themes through lyricism and vocal style.

The track 'Like You Do' is also a stand out track on this very promising album that contrasts the likeness of 'Darkside'. The track is more downtempo and focuses more on the vocals to develop a vivid narrative. The lyrics are rich in imagery and metaphors to encapsulate the listener. The vocal execution is flawless none the less.

My favourite track by far, however, is 'Back In The Dark'. The composition perfectly balances music production with vocals, in order to develop a unique and contemporary style, while maintaining the sentimental value of vocals.

This is a highly recommended album, and we are looking forward to more by this very promising and young artist.