Adequate Ferris Wheel Releases New Single 'Tapestry'

Adequate Ferris Wheel has released a new single entitled 'Tapestry'.

This is quite an exquisite and elegant composition. The instrumental has a neo-soul, jazz-like, Flower Boy genre fusion embedded in it's style. The keys and melody are reverberated and echoes through the track, generating a surreal listening experience. The lyricism is repetitive, yet complements the track perfectly, as it invites the listener on a journey, and allows the listener to indulge in the music, sparking a reflection. This is a track that will move you - and I don't say that lightly. I would have listened to this track about 2 or 3 times before writing this piece, and I'm going to keep listening to this track and breaking it down. 'Tapestry' is an instant classic and a masterpiece that must be heard.

Listen here: