Interview With Zayden Stellar

We were fortunate enough to interview up and coming artist, Zayden Stellar.

One of Zayden's more recent releases is the track 'Black Girl Magic'. He delivers quite the performance in this track. This fast-paced RnB track is blessed with glorious and harmonious vocals and a melody that will stay stuck in your head for days on end. Zayden possess a talent that few have, and has mastered it in such a unique and distinctive manner. This is a game-changing track I highly recommend.

Now with the interview:

1) Q. When did you realize that you had a passion for music? A. I think I realized I had a passion for music when I was about 7 years Old. I just remember always singing around the house and coming up with dance routines. We also had a recording studio in our home growing up because my dad was a local music producer. So that definitely played a part. 2) Q. Who are your main inspirations as an artist? A. As an artist I think its more of "what" than a "who" for me, because honestly I'm just inspired by life. I mean we obviously have artist like Michael Jackson who I think inspires all of us in some fashion. Especially us R&B artist. But ultimately just living life has given me the most inspiration. Its how I write all of my music. 3) Q. Speaking of your music, "Black Girl Magic" Is one of my favorite songs by you, your vocals in that track are beyond words! What Inspired it? Tell us the back story here. A. Thanks, "Black Girl Magic" is a very special record to me because the creation of the song alone was a life changing experience. It was around graduation time for colleges etc. I remember seeing so many women of color graduating, getting hired at dream jobs, starting business etc... so for the first time I went outside of the studio to create. I had a chance to actually engage with people which led me to having a list of question for them. The responses I received were truly inspiring. The lyrics in this song are literally their life stories combined. So it became more than just a song, it was bigger than me. I've even had celebrities reach out to me thanking me and showing love to the song. So to have created something that's reaching and resonating with so many people is truly a blessing! 4) Q. What would you like to achieve as an artist? A. Besides all of the cliche stuff I just want to be able to make relatable music that could help People. Whether that's helping them to understand or helping them to heal. 5) Q. What is your most memorable moment while being an artist? A. That's a good question. I think my most memorable moment was the first time I opened the stage for a major Artist which was Big Sean back in 2015. I also did my first tour after that which was pretty dope.

6) Q. Who would you most like to collaborate with? A. Its too many to mention. Basically anybody who's music I can relate to and believe in. 7) Q. Tell us a little more about your recent project? A. So my recent project is called "Do Not Disturb" and it consists of 5 tracks. They are all relatable tracks that I think alot of people can relate to. The concept and title came about from me being so frustrated in life at one point that I kind of isolated myself and didn't want to be bothered by anyone. I had this sort of "Do Not Disturb" attitude towards people and each song will go into detail as to why. 8) Q. Whats the best advice you've been given? A. To keep God first. 9) Q. So, Whats next for Zayden Stellar? What should we be looking forward to from you in the future? A. More music, tours, I'm gonna eventually get into acting and many other business ventures

10) Q. Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Yes, Please stay tuned and be sure to follow and connect with me on all social media platforms @zaydenstellar