Winter Rae Releases New Project "Born a Legend"

Winter Rae has released her new 5 track project "Born a Legend".

This project, as hinted in the cover art, demonstrated Winter Rae's growth as a person and an artist.

The opening track 'Miss Daisy' is driving and generate quick engagement between listener and artist. It has a strong 808 bass with a playful trap drum pattern. The vocals and flow is on point in this track. Each lyric is articulated perfectly.

A track that stands out for me personally however is 'One Time' featuring Hxe. The drum pattern has a tropical-like vibe, and this significantly changes how the song sounds and feels. Hxe adapts his vocal to the dynamic bass-filled track, and Winter Rae's vocal performance is nothing short of perfect as always. She is a consistent artist, with every track of hers being perfection and blissful.

The project ends on the track 'Absence' - a particularly explicit and confronting track. The emotions are raw and the lyricism is engaging, making this track what it is - simply - a masterpiece.

This is a highly recommend project, and you can listen here: