M O K Releases New Album 'Kids Table'

M O K has released his debut 8 track album 'Kids Table', this is something that is going to interest you.

The opening track is an instrumental by the title 'Midnight Toker' - It has a surreal lofi atmosphere linked to it. The bass is rich and the melody is dynamic yet memorable. It is up to listener interpretation to piece this narrative together, and creates a great segway/interlude into the second track.

The following track 'Stay Safe' starts with a loud impact. The flow is introduced early. You can easily vibe with the clear and precise flow, no mumbling here. The instrumental is impactful and accompanies the lyricism perfectly.

'Feeling to motion' comes off more as a dance track with no rap vocals. It is a spanner in the works but accompanies the album very well. I've only ever seen Kanye West pull of this trick in an album with 'Fade' on 'TLOP'. M O K executes this just as well, and in fashion.

As I listen more to the album, I realise that 'Stay Safe' is the only track with lyrics. I am shocked as I really did expect a rap album, and instead got catfished. However, M O K's work and production outweighs the need for a rap album. All tracks on this album have been produced with care and passion. You can especially hear this in the track 'Kids Table' - which experiments with drum patterns and accompanying melodies, in order to create a fun, light hearted track.

'Normal People' begins with an arp, and quickly transforms into a bass filled and energetic track, sure to captivate listeners from a wide demographic. The ambient nature in the drop is an element I haven't heard in a long time - and I'm glad I could experience it in this project. It ties the album together very nicely.

'Tourist' has a very foreign and experimental sound, a sound I am drawn into by is distinctiveness and uniqueness. You can appreciate M O K for his ability to go outside the box and find ways to create a sound no one has heard of before.

I M O K is the perfect track to end off this album. It concludes the journey nicely, with a crisp sample, impactful melody and dynamic bass.

This is a highly recommended album, and we are interested to see what M O K has in store for us next.

Listen here: