Manu Francois: One Of NZ’s Most Promising Rising Stars

Manu Francois has released a new album entitled 'Release'. The 7 track project follows the successful 'Check It'. Francois is a master of the rap genre, with his fluent and distinctive rap flow, and use of electronic elements. But he isn't afraid to bless us with his blissful singing vocals. This album, simply put, is beautiful in every way, shape and form, thanks to its experimental nature, and blend of pop and rap.

As well as the album ‘Release’ - Francois has released two singles entitled ‘Dedicated’ and the wildly popular ‘The Devil in the Throne Room’. These tracks are a testament to Francois’ discography. Dedication is upbeat and contains a pluck like rhythm. It directly complements the vocal flow of this promising musician. The bass fits well and the mood generated is unique. ( ’The Devil in the Throne Room’ is hard hitting and impactful. That thick NZ flow is present in this track, with some hard hitting and impactful lyrics, accompanied by some bass-filled kicks and wild hi-hats. (

The opening track 'Wake Up' is sure to leave an impact on the listener. The instrumental is saw-like and intriguing. The bass is in your face and this is a unique aspect I love in rap. It makes the track pop and stand out from others. The rap flow is iconic and a style Francois has mastered. The track is sure to wake up the audience and prepare them for a life-changing album.

The following track 'The Forrest' begins with a crash and an intriguing pluck like charm. The track is upbeat and continues to build up like an EDM track. The vocals in this track are breathtaking. They contain a certain warm and ambient characteristics, before erupting in the hook and gaining a substantial amount of volume. There is a blend of female and male vocals on this dynamic track, and it is a composition I easily fell in love with.

'The Blissful March' is an experience. Multiple cultural instruments are present such as bongos and shakers, to create a natural and surreal sounding experience. The vocals in this are astonishing, and genuinely excite me for what this artist has to deliver.

'Gyal Yo Body Know' - has a similar style to the opening track 'Wake Up'. There is a strong presence of electronic elements, as well as drum and bass. The instrumental is predominant in this track. It stems away from the ambiance theme of the album and returns to a powerful rap track, with a glorious chorus.

'Made For You' sounds like it belongs on the radio. Love is a heavy theme in this composition, and it is skilfully conveyed through the accompanying instrumental, which consists of an ambient melody, and an upbeat drum pattern. The lyricism in this composition is crafty and delicate.

The second-last track 'Starlight' fuses both a sense of ambiance and rap into one powerful masterpiece. The execution of the vocals are flawless, and the delivery is breathtaking. The addition of female vocals also is quite delicate, and adds to the experience.

The album finishes on a high. 'Night With Pa' features Jeroen Kraaij, and focuses on a brass melody with warm and deep vocals. The percussion is moving and unique. The vocal performance in this track is one of the best. The warm ambient style Francois really shines on this track, and leaves the listener feeling overwhelmingly positive.

This is a moving project, a project sure to inspire and captivate the masses. The unique style and well balenced nature in the mixing and fusion of genres, makes Manu Francois latest project 'Release' - a masterpiece.

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