East Shore Company Releases New Album 'Coming Home'

East Shore Company has released a new project entitled 'Coming Home' - the projects is eleven tracks long, and follows the artist's journey and past experiences.

The album begins with the track 'Autumn Trees' - which focuses on the lyrics 'Coming Home'. This breaks the fourth wall and ties nicely into the themes and ideas generated behind the album and the project. The opening track is refreshing and prepares the listener for a grand experience.

There are a few stand out tracks in this singer/songwriter project. Every song has power and artistry behind it, but there are a few tracks I favor and deeply connect with.

One of those tracks being 'Siobhan'. The track consists of a beautiful acoustic guitar riff, and a progressive drum pattern. The vocals are pristine and complement the track. The theme is powerful and comments on resistance and getting through the rough times. This is a relatable and impactful track.

Another stand out track is 'Holiday' - which grapples with electronic elements, and bouncy, light-hearted lyricism. The instrumental is bright and is accompanied well with the catchy vocals. This is a feel good, summer track.

My favorite track on this project is 'Just Sounds The Same'. The music genre shifts in this track - almost to prove a point and create a unique and distinctive taste. This is a crafty and well-written track that has made its iconic and unique mark on the industry.

The project finishes with the track 'One Day' - which continues the style of the track prior. The vocals almost have a punk feel to it, and fit well with the heavy guitar and intense drums and basslines.

This is an ambitious project that packs a lot of punch, a fusion of genres, and a variety of themes and lyricism.

Listen here: