Dudley Taft Releases New Music Video 'Give Me A Song'

Dudley Taft has released a new music video entitled 'Give Me A Song'. The track is the first off his fresh new album 'Simple Life'.

This track is simply brilliant. There is a certain type of X factor that Dudley Taft, that makes their music vibrant, exciting and engaging. This track is sure to knock your socks off, with its incredible bass, which works perfectly with the leading rift from the guitar. The upbeat and semi-intense drums draw in the listener. At the heart of this track however is the vocals. The vocals create a distinctive and unique theme 'Give Me A Song' is a new term to me, and I am happy Taft is exploring themes and ideas in music, that haven't been done before. The crisp vocals work well with this track. Overall, this track has it all. if your looking for a refreshing rock track, look no further then Dudley Taft's 'Give me a Song' .