Introducing The BRKN

Today we have the honour to introduce you to Pop Punk n’ Rock newcomers THE BRKN. Recently, they released a single, accompanied by a music video entitled 'The Motions'.

The motions is an energetic and somewhat intense track, complemented by its green-toned music video, found on Youtube. The vocals in this track are extremely fitting. The execution of the vocals work well with the theme and tone of the composition. The drums are upbeat and fast paced, this is the kind of energy I look for in a track. The guitar leads the tone of the track, and accompanies the fast paced drums. Everything works in accordance with each-other, creating a masterpiece of a track.

I am excited to see whats next for The BRKN, this is a band with an immense amount of talent, and potential to make it huge in the industry.

Listen to 'The Motions' here: