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January 6, 2020

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Casino Garden Releases New Album 'Get Your Shit Together'

November 8, 2019




A track that stands out for me on this album is the opening 'The Devil Comes Home'. This is a powerful track from the promising indie/alt-rock band Casino Garden. The drums are the driving forces, manipulating the mood and energy of the track. The vocals sound somewhat melancholic and create a surreal aura for the composition. The guitar riff is intense when contrasted to the vocals. This is an ambitious project, that has been executed and performed flawlessly. I can't fault this track, I love everything about it from the opening to the end. This is a highly recommended track and album. You can listen here:


The album is brimming with heavy, engaging shoegaze vibes created by multiple buzzing guitars, booming percussions, and gorgeous melodies.

The band's fans and new followers - many of which are dedicated shoegazers online - started massing around the band last year after the release of Casino Garden's debut album, Slide.

Formed in 2016, Casino Garden, from Wuppertal, Germany, is Matthias Wiercinski (guitar, vocals); Oliver Kroker (bass); Helene Ballke (keys), and Alexander Alaimo Di Loro (drums).

The band members have a wide range of musical influences, including and most predominantly, Radiohead, Nirvana, Slowdive, Trail of Dead, Beatles, Tocotronic, and Ride.  

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