MaccyP Releases Debut EP 'Reoccurring Themes'

MaccyP has released their debut 5 track EP 'Reoccurring Themes'.

The opening track 'Doubles' sets the tone and theme for the EP. This track is abstract in its elements. This doesn't sound like your typical rap track and there are a few factors as to why this is the case. The rap flow is dark, deep and grimy, and it perfectly complements the dynamic track which relies on the 808s and plucks like a melody. This track is one of the best opening tracks for an EP.

'2 A.M' turns up the tempo. The tone is lighter, adding to the versatility and openness of this EP. This EP offers variety, and this track adds some flavor. The flow is executed flawlessly and the instrumental is dynamic and punchy.'

'Madness' sounds slow, yet the flow is fast-paced, and this greatly juxtaposes the pad-like melody. MaccyP breaks all music rules and shows their limitless talent and ability to create abstract and unique tracks. 'Madness' is a personal favourite of mine for its raw uniqueness.

'Open Tab' brings the tempo back yet again. The flow and the instrumental is synced, to create a vibrant and bass-heavy track. This track features both MaccyP and Candy Coup, adding variety and distinctiveness to the mix.

The final track 'What's The Time' has a very distinguishing sound. The track opens with this cow-bell vice city like plucks, and this remains the melody for the entirety of the composition. The flow on this track is on point, and the experience created is one of a kind, due to the uniqueness of the instrumental and the crisp flow.

This is a highly recommended EP and you can listen here: