The Holy Hater Releases New Track 'Rest In Pieces' From Their New EP "The Sinner"

The Holy Hater has released a new track entitled 'Rest In Pieces' - the track is apart of the band's new EP "The Sinner".

This is an emotional and moving piece of music. The instrumental is fast paced, consisting of intense drums, heavy layered guitars, and some piano keys to highlights the nature of track. The vocals however are slower and juxtapose this nature of the instrumental, this is well executed however, and creates a surreal and moving listening experience.

When we asked about the theme of the composition, a member from the band said "When we were writing about the song we wanted to show solidarity with all the women all over the world , due the violence that has been surrounding them. Actually at the half of the song you can listen to a phone call between a father and a daughter who had been kidnapped." - The theme is deep, and the homage paid to the contemporary issue by the band in music to spread awareness does not go unnoticed.

This is a recommended EP and you can listen here: