Introducing Xhousemusic

Xhousemusic is a promising EDM producer that specialises in an array of genres. The artist has a bank of music, including multiple singles, a few EPs and an album entitled 'Welcome to Xhousemusic'.

'Welcome to Xhousemusic' is ten tracks long, and is the artist's first and only full-length album. The album is fitting and works well as an introduction to the artist's music and style. The opening track 'Surrender' - is a fantastic opening to the album. The female vocals accompany the triumphant and progressive instrumental perfectly. I am a fan of the energy created and felt in this track.

Another stand out track for me in the album is 'I'm All In'. Instead of female vocals in this track, they are male, and this is fitting for the theme created. The track is similar to 'surrender' with its progressive like nature. The track, however, has a different feel to it, and provoke other emotions. 'I'm All In' is more emotional, however, it is also more danceable and contains its very own distinctive style. Something I love in projects and albums is variety, and Xhousemusic has a lot of variety. It's a characteristic that needs to noticed and applauded.

'Mother Russia' has yet another different sound. It is optimistic and vibrant. The use of electronic elements makes the sound refreshing. The vocals alternate their effects, increasing the engagement of the listener. 'Mother Russia' deserves to be a hit for its uniqueness and vibrant sound.

'You're Loved by Me' yet again changes the style, and I can't get enough of what this artist has to offer. This track has a faster pace. The bass is perfectly balanced and more metallic, it is something to hear and refreshes the sound of the album.

The album Welcome to Xhousemusic is beautiful, dynamic, exciting, refreshing and something different due to the wide array of sounds explored within the album. But how about Xhousemusic's latest project 'Going Country?'.

At first glance, the project can feel unappealing, how are you going to fuse EDM with country music? However, Xhousemusic has done a perfect job infusing the genres.

The opening track 'Almost Home' is downright beautiful. The vocals are pristine and clear and feature both male and female vocals. The use of the acoustic guitars and strings had topped the country experience. The EDM side of the track makes the experience more progressive and allows the new generation of listeners to embrace the sound. I had my head bopping to this track the entire time.

'Hey Girl' is another track off 'Going Country' that is going to move people. The track begins slow, and the theme of the track is heartfelt and genuine. The drums help in rasing the tempo and making a danceable track.

Xhousemusic is beaming with talent and potential. I am personally excited to see where Xhousemusic's career goes to, with such unique projects, that are not afraid to push boundaries and redefine house music.