Interview With Xhousmusic: "We have one life to live. Be proud to choose your own path."

We were fortunate enough to have an interview with Xhousemusic, following an article we wrote on his recent discography

1) When did you realise that you had a passion for music? Answers: Music has been Dynamic in creating me and forming me into the House aspiring DJ I am today. Early on as a kid, I found I could relate to Music. Music and Lyrics help me escape the isolation I felt at being told to be someone I knew I was not ever going to excel at being. The music sailed me through the hard times in my life and taught me to be grateful, and show gratitude for the things I did have that others didn't. Others who shared my isolation but lived harder lives.

2)Who are your main inspirations as an artist? Answer: Many artists have inspired my sound, but I guess to throw out a few and not overtake the interview. Currently, I think Galantis and Dolly Parton's "Faith" is brilliant. Zedd, Tiesto, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, SHM, Martin Garrix, and the list continues. All are insanely talented, and Their songs make me keep focused on being up on that list of successful Music artists. 3)What would you like to achieve as an artist? I started out intending to create a show, a set of songs, originals that I could perform, and that listeners would want to come to, enjoy watching, singing, and come dance with me. I want to be a headliner at festivals. I want to collaborate with other artists on songs. Currently, on all music platforms, I have 11 pop/dance songs, 12 progressive house remixes, two instrumental dance, four-country songs, and I have five more songs in the queue. I think I am on the right path to creating a fun show and fingers crossed that it opens up doors to achieve other goals.

4)What is your most memorable moment while being an artist? As of now, my most memorable moment is sharing my first 2 completed song " Surrender" and "Project 5" with friends. At that moment, they knew I was serious about being a music artist. They gave me the validation I needed to know I was on the right path to becoming a Progressive House Dj.

5)Who is the biggest artist you've worked with? Although I have not worked with any prominent artist as of yet. My songs were created by listening to Big artists songs and being inspired to grab a beer, a couple of Peanut-butter sandwiches and sink into my couch and create music.

6)Tell us a little more about your recent project? " I'm already your hero," to me, is a beautiful song. I felt it also needed to be a country version. So I made a country version of "I'm already your hero" and then decided I didn't want to be a one-hit country song wonder, so I wrote four country songs and created the album "XHouseMusic- Going Country." Although I am in love with the, "I'm already your hero (the country version)," I love the song "I'm almost home." both the original and the club remix. If you like the country, please check out XHouseMusic - "Going Country." I hope the songs make you want to go country line dancing and sing along with your friends or loved ones.

7)What should we be looking forward to from you in the future? Fingers crossed, I hope to be up on stage headlining music festivals and giving air high fives to all my fans who have helped me grow as a music artist.

8)Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers? First, learn to love yourself and be who you want to be, even if that means going against the expectations of others in your social groups. We have one life to live. Be proud to choose your own path. As Ellen DeGeneres says, " Be kind." You never know who you will meet along your road that will inspire you and change your life positively forever.

Second, if you like my songs, Please follow me, share my songs, and be my fan. Thank you.