Interview With Gemtracks

We were fortunate enough to interview the mastermind behind, singer-songwriter and DJ, Jesse Neo.

When did you get into producing tracks? I grew up playing classical piano and violin, and it wasn't until 2016 that I first got my toes into the EDM scene. It was at that moment when I realised what my passion was. I released my first track in 2017 titled "Sex Magic" and it got featured in The Huffington Post and played on commercial radio across Europe and USA. Eventually people started contacting me to make beats for them. That's when I realised, I could make a name for myself as a producer too!

Do you major in any sub genre? The tracks that I release are mainly electronic, dance and a bit of pop. However, beats that I make for other people range from country, rock to hip hop. I can do everything, really! What’s one thing you love about making beats? It's so much easier than playing piano and violin. I mean, making beats require a bit of experimentation and coming up with "weird" sounds. If I was to create "weird" sounds on the piano or violin, I'll be immediately criticized for being uneducated and lacking musical knowledge. What’s one of your favourite tracks by an artist that has used your sound? I am in love with Milana! She just released a new single called “Down” and has been streamed several thousand times already! What are you looking forward to in the future as a producer? I hope that I can work with more artists and possibly invent a new genre of music. Imagine how cool that would be! Where can we buy your beats? You can purchase my beats at Gemtracks. Every track is sold once, and you, the buyer, gets the full master ownership and copyright!