NinoDArtist Releases New Freestyle Video “Fresh Start”

NinoDArtist has released a new freestyle video entitled 'Fresh Start'.

You know how I feel about freestyles - I believe they take a lot of talent and practice to perfect. If an artist can properly execute a fluent freestyle, they have my respect and an obvious passion for their music. NinoDArtist's passion for music is evident in this perfectly executed track. The flow is fluent and bouncy, the tone is dynamic and adapts to the lyric content. The instrumental accompanies the vocals perfectly. No stutters, no adlibs, just pure rap. That is what I like, and that is what we get with “Fresh Start”. The video is also vibrant and assists the track flawlessly.

Listen here on Soundcloud:

New Music and Merchandise by NinoDArtist is also on the way