Mike Haze Releases Debut Album 'Opaque'

This has been highly anticipated by us at Fresh out of The Booth. Mike Haze has released his debut album 'Opaque', following the recent success of his single 'Opaque'.

The opening track on this album is the self titled 'Opaque'. We have reviewed the single prior to the release of the album. This track opens with a surreal horn-like sound. When the bass drops, the energy of the track intensifies and Mike Haze begins his first verse. He has a distinct and versatile flow which bounces from line to line, and sustains a grunge, alternative-like sound. The instrumental is a testimony to Mike Haze's discography, yet his flow and lyricism is central to the track.

The following track 'Masochist' - sustains Haze's intensity and energy. The lyric flow is abstract and grungy. The flow varies and speed, keeping the listener on edge. The instrumental is also very distinctive and unlike anything I have ever heard. I love it.

A stand out track for me on this album is 'Speak of the Devil'. This instrumental is grim and engaging. The samples used create a mysterious and dark aura. The vocals accompany the dark nature of the track perfectly, as they convey melancholy flawlessly.

'Blind Faith' will have your head bopping for the entirety of the track. It has the characteristics of a classic 90's track, yet, it is consistent with the album's dark and melancholic aura, through the use of various grim like samples and layered vocals.

'Fallacy' has a similar introduction to the track 'Opaque' - the pads move the listener, and set a firm tone. The drums in this track are intense, and accompany the rich and dynamic flow executed perfectly by Mike Haze.

The final track 'Infinite', summarizes the track flawlessly. Sounds are experimented with in this track, including the flow and pads. The flow seems to be faster then previous tracks, while the instrumental sounds weirdly optimistic when compared to prior tracks. 'Infinite' is perfect in ending the journey embarked on by the listener, and lead by Mike Haze.

Mike Haze's album 'Opaque' could very well be the Fresh Out Of The Booth Rap Album of the Year/Decade. The experimental fusion with rap is a style that is unique to Mike Haze, and a style that has been crafted and executed perfectly. Not to mention, this is a debut album.