BFLAME Releases New Track 'Wait My Turn' (feat. Yeekyk)

BFLAME has released a new track entitled 'Wait My Turn' featuring Yeekyk.

This track is phenomenal. The flow executed by both Yeekyk and Bflame is unique and distinctive. Yeekyk has a very impactful and fast flow, that is fluent and rolls nicely from line to line. He is descriptive in sharing his experiences and what he has come from and where he is now. Bflame does a very good job in ad-libing the track, and breaking it up in the bridge, adding to the theme of the track. The instrumental is dynamic and chime like, with some well mixed 808s.

This is a highly recommended track.

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Drops Everywhere Nov.22/ On All Music Apps and Streaming Platforms Follow at IG- @bluflame1 Music Video Nov/28 Midnight OfficialbflameVevo/ YouTube