Break Me Down Releases New Project 'The Noose'

Break Me Down, italian alternative metal female fronted band, have released their second video ‘The Noose'. The concept behind the work was conceived by the band and masterfully shoot and edited by Lorenzo Avanzi. Click HERE to watch the video.

Watch here

The track 'The Noose' - is intense, and energetic. The energy created by the drums is sustained throughout the entirety of the track. The guitars are heavily layered, and direct the feel and sound of the track. The bass feels good and accompanies the intense riffs. The female vocals are at the center of this track, as they compose the themes and ideas explored in this track. A very well composed track by a very promising band.

Break Me Down is an italian Alternative Metal band from Milan, formed in 2017.

They released their first EP “Resilience” in January 2018, recorded and mixed by Matteo Magni at Magnitude Studio.

Among many shows all over their country there are some very important as opening act for international artists like: Crazy Town, Joe Stump's Tower of Babel, Vinnie Moore and Lacuna Coil.

'Break Me Down' new album 'The Pond' has been released on the 17th of October and it features 11 Alternative Metal tracks, written and produced by the band. "The Pond"


The Pond (album) - 2019

Resilience (EP) – 2018 STREAM IT!


1. Your Game

2. If You're Brave

3. The Noose

4. Nightmare

5. Just Tonight

6. O.C.D.

7. New Hero

8. Goodbye

9. Look @ Me

10. Let It Burn

11. The Pond


Irene Franco (vocals)

Laerte Ungaro (guitars)

Morris Steel (guitars)

Giuseppe “LoChef” Greco (bass)

Fabio Benedan (drums)