Gutter Pop Records Release New Project 'A Pop Punk Christmas Carol'

Gutter Pop Records has released a new 18 track project entitled 'A Pop Punk Christmas Carol'. The project consists of pop punk bands from all over the world including The Radio Buzzkills, Evil O'Briens, Tarleks, Electrojets, J Prozac, The Vindictives, Gutter Romance and much much much more.

The project opens with the appropriation of the classic Christmas carol 'O Holy Night', by The Radio Buzzkills. The track is upbeat and energetic. The drums add to the energy of the track, and the electric guitar melody adds to the grunge, authentic punk experience. The mix of female and male vocals are a nice touch as well.

One of my favorite tracks on the project is 'Silent Night' by Black Russians. This track is anything but silent, rather, it is loud, intense, and exciting. This is the perfect appropriation of such an iconic and classic Christmas carol, giving it a refreshing punk twist.

'O Come All Ye Faithful' - is a personal favorite Christmas carol (apart from the superior carol 'Drummer Boy'). The punk version sounds just as good as the original. It jumps right into the juice of the track in this rendition. The entire track is upbeat, short and sweet. This track is by Vancouver's The Tarleks.

'Jingle Bells' is a fan favorite, and that is no exception on this album. The track, performed by the legendary Chicago Punk Band, The Vindictives, is rapid, energetic and engaging. The vocals are fast paced and take a firm control of the mood of the track.

The track 'Joy To The World' is undoubtedly, the stand out track on this album. Punk bands Jason V of the Jasons, Zac and Jenny from The Radio Buzzkills and Aleksandr666 from Black Russians join forces in one track to create this masterpiece. How do I put it... 'Joy To The World' has the same impact to punk that Meriah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas' has on mainstream pop. This is an extremely well executed track, with an intense lead, room-shaking bass, intense drums, and jaw-dropping vocals. This is the ultimate punk Christmas track.

I haven't heard the original 'O Little Town Of Bethlehem', but this rendition by Sad Sally has reality captured me as a listener. The intense drums theme is persisted through this track, and the lead guitar is extremely powerful in this track.

'Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer' has it all. Its humorous, upbeat, and easy to jam to. It stands for all things punk and has an experimental nature to it, while maintaining the core themes of the original carol. This is performed by McRackins.

This is unlike any album I have heard before and I am glad I had the opportunity to hear it. Punk fans! Get into the Christmas spirit, and give this album a go: