Mollono.Bass Set To Release 'Remix Collection V'

Mollono.Bass is set to release a new album/compilation of remixes entitled 'Remix Collection V'.

There are two tracks off this upcoming album album that have already been released. These tracks are 'Whale vs. Elephant - Lighthouse' and 'Antoine Villoutreix - Wie wunderschoen'.

'Whale vs. Elephant - Lighthouse' is the opening track from 'Remix Colelction V'. The vocals are soft and adaptive to the dynamic nature of the instrumental of the track. The electronic instrumental is chill and progressive. It experiments with an array of hypnotic electronic elements, to create a surreal listening experience. The listener is drawn into the grooves of synth-like melody and the grooves created by the kicks, snares and rapid hi-hats. The bass-line is well balanced, an aspect of music that is critical for the listener's enjoyment. This track is a masterpiece.

'Antoine Villoutreix - Wie wunderschoen' is the final track off of the upcoming collection, 'Remix Collection V'. This track sounds more uptight and stable than the opening track. It is a nice contrast and showcases the diverse nature of sounds and tracks in this collection. The vocals are warm, and directs the narrative of the composition. The melody consists of an array of instruments including synths and basslines. The drum pattern seems to be world influenced, a unique and distinctive addition to make this track stand out.

'Remix Colelction V' will be release on Friday 29th November.

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