Interview With DubbleU

How would you describe your musical style? A: Different, New, Me I guess. Being that Im only Freestyling right now you never know what your going to get but defenatly not like anything I've heard atleast, I try to do me and not carbon copy a anyone else, Ive had some people use the term futuristic rap that Im a to ahead of our time but I never understood that perspective of it.

What is the first album you ever owned? How did you acquire it? oh now thats funny never thought this would ever surface to the public lol so my very first album was actually the space jam soundtrack with freak nasty, salt n pepper, some r.kelly on there. if movie soundtracks arent to be included then first album would be suprisingly og bobby brown with new edition...the home again album

What are three things you look for when you see an artist play live? Honestly I dont really even look to have to see another artist perform. I couldnt bare the torture. Unless we were bringing back artists from the dead, I wouldnt ever want to watch anyone current perform...

Who is your superhero alter-ego and why?

Clint Eastwood....just an all around bad ass mutha fucker that will say whats on his mind and tell you what it is

If we’re going to buy you a drink, what should it be? Cherry Coke or Dr. Pepper

What’s a song you have stuck in your head these days? Led Zeppelin "Black Dog" for some reason when i get passed all of the voices in my head this song is ALWAYS on my mind and find myself singgin it over and over to myself.

What’s your favorite thing to order from room service?

Icecream. Im a sucker for ice cream

Where do you find your artistic inspiration?

Im a big fan of classic rock...back when all the yelling, whaling and screaming was going on, and also the only rapper i will ever listen to, Young Thug, with his noise making new language type flow, when i hear my stuff, i can hear these 2 dynamics in my music, so Im guessing thats where it comes from

Who’s your fashion icon and why?

Im a big believer in having ur own style, these I never try to impress anyone and wouldnt give to fucks if a designer offered to pay me a stack to wear some smedium ass fittin threads and sell out to fag world ....i dont know when these tight ass jeans became cool.....i dont think they actually did.....i think there just were more fags surfacing or something....but na I dont care what i throw on so long as its comfortable and looks semi clean as far as smellin like fresh dryer sheets and no wrinkles.....shit throw me a fresh pressed Faded Glory button up and say i wont rock that shit....and beat up the first mfer thats got something to say.