Bobbo Byrnes Releases New Track "Angelia" from the album Two Sides To This Town

Bobbo Byrnes has released a new track entitled "Angelia" from the album Two Sides To This Town.

"“Angelia” is a song about looking for inspiration and hope in our divided world" as Byrnes tells us in the songs bio. "Growing up in a small town I was surrounded by small town thinking and if it didn't happen in your own front yard then it didn't really matter and challenging that thinking."

There is an awe of inspiration and passion heard and felt in this composition. This is heard in the vocals, and the sincerity it creates. This is felt throuought the entire track. The track begins slow, but quickly evolves into the American Rock anthem that it is. The guitar is the driving melody of this composition. The drums sustain the excitmnet of the track. The hook is catchy and will stay in your head for weeks on end.

This is a highly reccomended track and you can listen here: