H3nry Thr!ll Releases New Track 'How Does It Feel'

H3nry Thr!ll has released a new track entitled 'How Does It Feel'.

H3nry Thr!ll is back with a fresh new track. This track draws on a lot of electronic elements such as a room-shaking bass and various arps and synths to create a powerful, uplifting, electronic composition. The track sounds full and heavy. The melody is dynamic and interchanges from hook to verses. The vocals are pristine in this track, delivering and exceptional listening experience.

This is a highly recommended track and you can listen here:

https://soundcloud.com/henrythrill/howdoesitfeel https://open.spotify.com/track/7zsI0cK72KnIef6qhrefFA?si=NSWKovLEQK634b2KapQ2yw

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