SirWillyD Releases New Single 'Toxic'

SirWillyD has released a new track entitled ,'Toxic'.

'Toxic' is a Rock track, sure to leave a lasting impact on the listener. The captivating track feels heavy and dark. The melody of this composition is created by the electric guitar, as it complements the dynamic nature of the track. The bass is also well balanced, delivering an exceptional listening experience, with groove. The drums are fast-paced and drive the tempo of the track. The crisp and matured vocals direct the narrative of the track, and continue the heavy and dark nature of this powerful composition.

This is a track which address a the case of a person who is on trial for being caught with "White Rocks". The track is edgy and there is an abundance of meaning and experience explored in the composition.

This is a well composed track, that simply does everything right. I highly recommend 'Toxic' by SirWillyD, and I am looking forward to future projects.

Listen Here: