Ren Ashfield And The Magicians Release New Album 'Cover Me Quick!'

Ren Ashfield And The Magicians has released a new 12 track album entitled 'Cover Me Quick!'

“Cover Me Quick! ” is the hot new album release from renowned British singer and Italian rock band, Ren Ashfield and the Magicians that has recently been making waves and generating hype amongst the online rock community, striking a chord with both veterans and newcomers to the genre, with the albums easy accessibility but also very impactful nature.

“Cover me Quick! “ Comes from an idea by Ren to record an album of 12 of his favorite tracks of the great rock classics. Giving them some original input, tweaking arrangements and newer sounds but, without disturbing the sacred ashes of these great songs too much!

Recorded in Italy with his friends including top Italian guitarist Tolo Marton, (winner of the the Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar Festival in Seattle in 1998) Andrea Tombesi on Bass and Charlie Bonazza on drums. Mastering was done by the great Jon Astley ( The Who, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones) in London. In the increasingly overstated online rock music market it has become increasingly difficult for a new album release to stand out but “Cover Me Quick!” by Ren Ashfield and the Magicians does just that!.

It has already created a small buzz building momentum and showing no signs of slowing down as we head towards the end of 2019 and into 2020 its - full speed ahead!! As Ren says ‘let the Spirit in the Music do the talking!’

A track that stands out for us is the opening track 'The Seeker'. This track sets the expectations high for the album. The vibrant and saturated sound created by the guitar riff, drives this unique and semi-chill track. The drums sustain the momentum of the composition, while the vocals accompany the track flawlessly, with their catchy and crisp nature. This is a highly recommended album, and the opening track will sell it to you alone.

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