Fred Vanterra Set To Release New Album 'Mythanien'

Fred Vanterra is set to release his new album entitled 'Mythanien'. The album is a soundtrack and spans over thirteen tracks.

The opening track is 'Mythanien'. It starts intense, with rapid piano keys being played, all for it to be halted. The composition then quickly regains its tempo, creating a journey, left to the listener's interpretation.

'Army' is another stand out track on this album. The composition sounds delicate and delicate. You can feel the magic in some keynotes, and the absence of vocals allows for this.

'Kuha Baza' - a very foreign name to me, but did not stop me from grasping and enjoying this composition. It starts off lightly and slowly, and progresses into a loud and impactful track, before a sudden stop. The composition then regains its tempo. At this point, you can fully grasp the artist's love, passion and talent for creating music.

Following is 'Nemul', which has more of an abrupt beginning when contrasted to previous compositions on this album. It captures the listener's attention at a very early stage. This composition is a journey within a journey and my favorite track off the album.

'Maryat' - unlike prior tracks, sustains its tempo and rhythm, throughout the whole track. It is an enchanting song that redefines restrictions in classical music and soundtracks. A rhythm and mood are created through creativity and unorthodoxy.

'Enjar' remains a soft and quiet composition for the majority of the track, it isn't until the end when the track starts gaining speed and increases in volume.

'Tahara' follows the same pattern, however, contrast the likeness of 'Enjar' in many ways, creating a unique and distinctive sound. No two songs of this album sound the same, this is evident in the composition 'Tahara'.

'Crystarcis' almost sounds like a rock song if it was solely played on a piano. There are fire and intensity that can be found in this captivating and thought-provoking track. The piano sounds pristine and elegant, yet, the attitude and mood created juxtapose the original sound. The tempo is dynamic and is monitored through the entire track.

The final track 'Castelle' is a beautiful finishing to this masterpiece. It summarizes the journey nicely and brings the listener back home through elegance and professionalism.

This album 'Mythanien' - is a masterpiece in every way, shape, and form. The music is captivating, engaging and thought provoking. The sole use of the piano creates raw and authentic emotions. The tempo is experimented with in order to create a dynamic and unique sound for all to enjoy.

This is a highly recommended album.