Ron A.P. Releases New Album 'City Of Love'

Ron A.P. has released a new album entitled 'City Of Love'. The album consists of ten premium tracks, highlighting Ron A.P.'s unique and crisp vocals, old school inspired flow, and the freshest beats on a rap album in recent times.

The love for Philadelphia and the rappers mind-state is a prevalent theme continued throughout the entirety of the album

He explains his project as 'Love that I felt while I was living in the City of Philadelphia. That city has some gritty, but real, and intense love. So, you’ll hear me talk about Philly a lot on the album. Secondly, the album is about my state of mind and where I want to be. I want to experience success at the highest level but also find true love while doing it, but I also want to experience that love and appreciation from the city of Philly again.'

We begin to comprehend the rapper's love for Philadelphia in the second track, 'City Of Love'. The track has a paradoxical nature, contrasting the drug and crime epidemic with the love and the passion Ron has for the city. The flow is warm and crisp, and the sampled beat is soulful. The hook is catchy, captivating and sure to make you think.

'Just A Feeling' is a track that flows nicely with the vibe of the album. The beat is relaxing to a certain extent. The beat is contrasted with the energetic and fast-paced flow of Ron A.P, creating an exciting and captivating composition.

'The Plan' has a certain dark aura about it. The beat and overall feel of the track feels gritty and dark, which is a nice touch to adding to the variety of the album. The flow also feels different from prior tracks on the album. This is refreshing and a stand out track that still aligns with the themes and values of the album seamlessly.

A nice touch to the album is the two back to back tracks 'Real Love' and 'Fake Love'.

'Real Love' questions the loyalty of a past lover who is requiring 'Real love', but continues to carry on with her life with suspicion. This somewhat juxtaposes the following track 'Fake Love', where everything about the relationship is toxic and fake. The juxtaposition and similarity between the two back to back compositions in the album is a detailed and refreshing touch. It is a relatively rare concept that isn't used too much by new rappers, but a characteristic of an album that can really blossom if used correctly. Ron A.P has done a fine and pristine job.

'Love In The Club' is a bouncy track, sure to get any crowd on their feet. The theme is lighthearted when contrasted with previous tracks on the record. The energy is crafty and distinctive, and a track that has a lot of potential to take off.

The final track 'Tax Brackets', has a very contemporary and electronic sound. The flow is different from previous tracks. The album finishes on a high and strong note. The flow is addictive and vigorous.

Ron A.P says "The thing that makes my music so you unique is the composition. I do what most other hip-hop artists don’t do, I make most of my songs complex. There isn’t just a verse and a hook.

And even as a New York Giants supporter, you can't help but feel the passion and impact one city has had on an individual such as Ron A.P., and how that passion has ignited a career in music.

This is an extraordinary and flawlessly composed album. I highly recommend this album

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