Here Are the Up-and-Coming Music Artists You Need to Know

Chances are by now you’ve heard of Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X, but what about this bunch of incredible yet underrated music artists? Their names are about to get big fast, so get onto them quickly via chill out radio station that helps you unwind.

Here are our top upcoming artists from each music genre:


20 year old pop queen Mikaela Straus – aka King Princess – took the world by storm with her hit single ‘1950’ – an ode to the LGBT community – in 2018. She has since performed at Coachella, Lollapalooza and on Saturday Night Live, and released her latest album ‘Cheap Queen’ late 2019. Her edgy, catchy songs are a pleasure to listen to, with her latest album offering a touch of ‘70s rock.


Toni Watson – aka Tones and I – went from busking in Byron Bay to over 550 million hits on Spotify in a matter of months; a testimony to her unique and infectious style. Her growling vocals, electric sound and emotive storytelling make her a truly compelling artist that you’ll be listening to on repeat for months to come.


Hardcore rock band Cold Shoulder is a Toronto-based group that started up in 2016 in a bid to reignite their local town’s hardcore scene. They have since accumulated quite a following thanks to their passionate and emotive lyrics and sharp, original music.


Jennah Bell is a LA-based folk singer-songwriter with precious, hopeful melodies and soulful lyrics. Tambourines and gentle guitar strumming are paired with raw, personal stories about life as a 20-something American woman. Her enchanting sound can either relax you after a long day or invigorate you in the early morning.


CHAI is an all-female band hailing from Japan; they bring a kawaii twist to the realm of punk rock with their cutesy vocals and edgy guitar riffs. They sing about rejecting unrealistic body image standards, dumplings, and self-empowerment. If you enjoy Grimes or CSS, check them out.


Larkin Poe are known on the online blues community for their classic blues covers, but the release of their original hit ‘Peach’ in 2017 blasted them into near-stardom. The duo’s sassy, raw attitude and snarling vocals make them truly special.


Jazz has always been about new ways of expressing oneself, and this remains true today. In 2019, there are few artists that represent the times quite like Esperanza Spalding – a naturally gifted singer, composer and bassist. Spalding is pushing the borders of jazz with her spellbinding combination of funk, rock, fusion, Latin and avant-garde sounds. She is known for recording her 2017 album ‘Exposure’ from scratch and live via online streaming over a period of 77 hours.


Singer-songwriter country star Kirby Brown was born and raised in rural Arkansas – and his music reflects this. He grew up performing songs at his family church, and branched out into writing his own music following the passing of two close friends at age 19. His album ‘Uncommon Prayer’ features a guest vocal by the mighty Leon Bridges, and you can see why – the two share a soulful, swooning melancholy that captivates.


West London rapper Fredo knows how to write a banger or two; he hit UK #1 last year with ‘Funky Friday’, and his latest album ‘Third Avenue’ is likely to lead in its footsteps. His street storytelling, catchy beats and emotional punch make him a force to be reckoned with in the rap scene.


Hailing from chilly Iceland, Daníel Bjarnason is a trained conductor and classical musician. His debut album ‘Processions’ rooted him as a key player in the international scene, and he has since collaborated with Sigur Rós and to the film ‘The Deep’. Bjarnason is esteemed for his eerie, innovative, post-apocalyptic sound.


Channel Tres is LA’s future of dance. His dark, deep groove is syrupy and soulful, emerging from the underground into the ears of the public. His album ‘Black Moses’ is an innovative blend of hip hop, rap and classic house, and it doesn’t disappoint. His soulful, passionate lyrics are the cherry on top of an amazing album.


So there you have it – our top upcoming artists for each music genre. Be sure to check them out online.