Flame Of Life Releases New Album 'Red Sunset'

Alternative-Indie band Flame Of Life has released a new album entitled 'Red Sunset'. This album is jam-packed with 25 pulsing and bizarre tracks.

A track that stands out to me personally is 'Violet Native'. The forever changing and dynamic nature of the instrumental is what directs the narrative of the composition. The vocals sound eerie, to say the least. And while I can't identify what is being said, it demonstrates how voice can be used in numerous abstract ways, to convey a certain mood.

This vocal style is conveyed throughout the entirety of the album. It is even more prevalent in the proceeding track 'Colt'.

'Sergeant' seamlessly transitions from, 'Clash' with a similar yet different melody. The vocal style is an attribute of the compositions which allows each track to be linked with one another. The common vocal style becomes a motif, embedded within the album.

'Bleeding' opens with a short monologue which is semi-distinguishable. This adds to the puzzling motif of the album. 'Bleeding' is full of delay, reverb and echo, creating an eerie and ambiguous feel, you find yourself quickly addicted to. There is repetition in a lot of the lyricism, also adding to this composition.

A track we must address is the self-titled 'Red Sunset'. This composition occurs closer to the end of the composition. This is one of the most well-composed and mastered tracks of the album. The vocals become more prevalent and industrious in this composition. The acoustic riff is minimal yet mesmerising, and the percussion maintains the tempo of the composition. All seems to be coming together nicely. The end of the composition becomes darker and the instrumental becomes isolated.

'Red Sunset' is an abstract and dynamic piece of work, redefining the way we listen and interpret indie-alternative. This is a gripping album that is unlike anything I've heard, due to its experimental and cunning nature.

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