3 Untold Song Lyrics Secrets

It is common knowledge to most that song lyrics are written to be sung. They are different from other types of creative writing such as poetry and narratives, even though at the same time, they share many similarities.

In a nutshell, lyrics are written in short lines and organized into repeating sections. They contain rhymes and other poetic techniques for easy remembering. They can tell a story or express emotions of a subject.

Made for Singing

Instead of being read, song lyrics are meant to be performed to the accompaniment of background music. How the lyrics are composed differ from people to people. Sometimes the writer would compose the melody first on a musical instrument such as the piano or guitar, and then come up with matching lyrics. Other times, the process is mirrored. There is no one rule that lyricists must follow.

With that being said, each syllable of the lyrics must be connected with a musical note. Each note can also hold different lengths, which means unlike in poetry where each word is read in the same rhythm, each word in a song can stretch into several beats, or be as short as a quarter of a beat. Rap lyrics are different though. Instead of being sung, rappers chant the words to accompanying beats.

If you need some ideas about what the song should be about, here is a list of suggested song ideas to check out.

Written in Lines

Just like poetry, lyrics are composed into short lines. It is up to lyricist to choose when the lines should break. Though there is no set rule, many lyricists tend to break a line at the end of each or several bars of music. Also, the breaks should be consistent throughout the whole song. This way, the lyrics would somehow match the music being played to.

It should be noted that each line does not need to be a complete sentence. It can either continue into the next break, or move directly into a new section. This means a line can also be one word.

Lyrics are Organized into Sections With Poetic Techniques

Similar to poetry, lyrics are also organized into stanzas. And just like in a narrative, each stanza (or paragraph) usually introduce a new idea to the song. This could be a feeling, or the explanation of the feeling. It can also be a reputation of the same idea or words over and over again to different musical notes. To keep the song interesting, several poetic techniques and devices can be employed, including similes, metaphors, hyperboles and onomatopoeia.

The stanza must belong in a type of song section. They are usually the verse, chorus or bridge. In most cases, each of these sections would have the same melody, tempo and rhythm, but this does not need to be set in stones. This is true if the writer decides to be a bit more experimental or creative to keep the listener glued.

It should be noted that not every song needs to follow the points in this article. Some people simply imagine the song in their heads and put into paper whatever comes to mind. At the end, the song should be an expression of your feelings.