308 Ghost Train Releases New Single ‘Bleed Over Me’

308 Ghost Train has released a new single entitled ‘Bleed Over Me’. The track was distributed by Universal Music Group.

This is a highly anticipated single by this magnificent band. 308 Ghost Train has achieved so much in their music-career, and this track is a beautiful addition to their growing discography. The vocal performance in this composition is stellar. You can hear and feel the sheer passion and emotion in the vocal delivery, emphasising the lyricism and powerful imagery embedded within it. The riff is addictive and uplifting. You can’t help but feel good when listening to this anthem. The bass is well-balanced and the drum pattern is steady - sustaining the momentum developed throughout the composition. This is a great track, and I am looking forward to future projects by 308 Ghost Train. A new album may be on the horizon, as hinted in the comments section of this track.